Our History

Founded in 1979 in Atlanta, Georgia by veteran Philadelphia producer Manny Campbell, the company has grown from a small regional supplier (Coastal Records & Tape Distributors) to an international small division wholesale distributor recognized worldwide by national, independent and local retail chains.

Our publishing company, Emandolynn Music Co. Inc (BMI) has been established since 1965 with over 500 products in catalog. In 1995 Coastal took on the name Coastal Distribution with the ideology to stay true to the indie. We are independently owned by our founders and don't answer to any larger corporate entity or board. As the music marketplace continues to change and grow, Coastal Distribution changes and grows with it. We apply the same successful formula to the digital marketplace that we perfected with brick and mortar accounts: direct relationships with digital service providers and the expertise and relationships to give maximum visibility to your product.

• We have established relationships with all major digital service providers (DSPs), and add new partners regularly.

• Our marketing staff works closely with DSPs to ensure prominent placement for our distributed labels' content. We have a strong track record of success in securing features, exclusives, free promotional downloads and other avenues to make sure our labels' content gets the attention it deserves in the digital world.

•The concept is simple: target the buyers and key retail managers with everything they need to make an informed decision regarding your product. Let them see your music, let them hear your music. How else can they make a real choice? We seek relationships with independent labels serious about long-term artist and label development.

 Coastal also provides physical/vinyl distribution through our partners Alliance Entertainment (www.aent.com) and Super D (www.sdcd.com). Alliance Entertainment is the largest wholesale distributor in the United States, having long-standing relationships with all the big industry labels and vendors including Universal Music, Sony Music, and Warner.  


 Who is Emandolynn Music/Coastal Distribution? 

Coastal is a full service, independent record company with a production arm, publishing company and international distributor whose services include:

• National and International distribution of music with a knowledgeable sales force spread across the country.

• Licensing/Synch Licensing/Catalog music placement

• Digital preparation, distribution, and product marketing.

• Social Media Marketing campaigns

• Publishing Company arm

• Co-operative advertising planning and placement.

• Manufacturing of physical product (Vinyl/Cassettes/CD).